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January 2018

Reel Law

Legal Moments at the Movies

January 2018

California’s Energy Storage Policies Enable a Greener, Cleaner Future

Recent policy developments seek to ensure better energy storage and distribution in the years to come.

By Buck Endemann

January 2018

Are Student Interns Employees?

Ninth Circuit and the Department of Labor clarify when an intern is entitled to minimum wages and other employment benefits.

By Alan S. Levins and Amanda Osowski

January 2018

Ethics and the Silence Breakers (Special Credit)

The prevalence of sexual harassment raises profound ethical issues for attorneys.

By Teresa J. Schmid

December 2017

Courtly Manners in the Holiday Season

To stay off everyone's naughty list this holiday season, mind your manners—and take this true/false etiquette quiz.

By Crystal Rockwood

December 2017

Intellectual Property Roundtable

Experts discuss apportionment, patent eligibility, inter partes review, and the effects of 'T.C. Heartland.'

December 2017

Judges and Blogging: An Ethical Minefield (Special Credit)

A recent decision from the Ninth Circuit highlights the problem when a judge participates in social media.

By Andrew M. Massara

December 2017

California Employment Law: New Developments for 2018

Here are 10 recent developments that will impact employers and employees in the coming year.

By Jason Barsanti and Aimee Axelrod Parker

December 2017

Family Therapy Is a Low-Cost and Effective Substitute for Juvenile Offenders, Advocates Say

Programs are a fraction of the cost of incarceration but smaller jurisdictions have been slow to adopt them.

By Skylar Dubelko
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