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Structuring Fees at Settlement Time

When a case resolves, attorneys have a decision to make: what to do with the fees owed to them.

Protecting Customer Lists as Trade Secrets

California law recognizes some customer lists as trade secrets. But not all of them.

Looking Back at 'Daubert'

Almost 25 years ago, a key U.S. Supreme Court decision set the standard for the admissibility of expert testimony in federal court. An expert looks back on that venerable precedent.



Listen to lawyers, judges, and experts speak at Cal Lawyer's Women Leadership in Law and Patent Disputes Forum North events.


The Art of Getting Paid


A series of blog posts that provide tips and advice on legal billing.

Current topic: Retainer Options



Judges in their own words

“I write separately to explain why it is unfair for the Government to encourage noncitizens to apply for immigration relief, and at a later date use statements in those relief applications against noncitizens in removal proceedings…..The Government’s practice in this regard contradicts the principle of welcoming immigrants into our communities….We should encourage, not punish, noncitizens who come out of the shadows seeking avenues to lawful status.”

— Ninth Circuit judge Harry Pregerson, concurring in Sanchez v. Sessions, 2017 WL 3723238 (9th Cir.). The court terminated removal proceedings against Luis Sanchez after concluding that government officials “committed an egregious Fourth Amendment violation and violated an immigration regulation because they seized Sanchez based on his Latino ethnicity alone.”

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