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John Rizzo

An interview with retired CIA attorney John Rizzo.

Barry C. Scheck

A conversation with Innocence Project founder Barry C. Scheck.

Earn MCLE credit by watching Legally Speaking Videos

Q&A: What advice would you give a new attorney about your practice area?

Five attorneys give practice-specific advice to attorneys.

Public Defenders: Indigent Immigrants Gain Representation

Public defenders in some counties help unrepresented immigration defendants.

Ballot Propositions: Election Activists Persist

Prop. 49 was pulled from this month's ballot, but proponents still hope for a statewide vote on the measure.

Good Works: Pro Bono for Veterans

The Veterans Legal Institute offers Southern California lawyers free training on veterans' legal issues.

Partnerships: Firm Leaders Sound Off on Nonequity Spots ...


Reel Law
Legal Moments at the Movie House

Expedited Jury Trials

When securing a courtroom proves difficult, consider one-day civil jury trials.

Avoid Email Memo Pitfalls

How to find the right style, substance, and structure in email memos.

Workplace Investigations

When an employee claims unfair treatment, it's best to investigate the claim.

Dancing with the Spies

A conversation with with John Rizzo, longtime staff attorney retired from the Central Intelligence Agency.

Fashioning a Law Practice

An attorney blends her love of fashion with her love of advocacy.

Cell Phones and Public Records

Is a public employee's cell phone subject to the California Public Records Act? The state Supreme Court takes up the question.

The Fed/State Difference

A helpful comparison of appellate procedures in state and federal courts.

Redemption Songs: Suing for Freedom before Dred Scott

Legal historian Lea VanderVelde's groundbreaking book reveals the untold stories behind "freedom suits."

E-Discovery Tools within Reach

Litigators on a tight budget can now access electronic discovery tools for such tasks as filtering documents and culling duplicates.