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Superior Court of California
County of Solano
Senior Staff Attorney
# 2013-10
Salary: $91,710-$111,475 annually
FFD: 10/18/2013
Graduation from an accredited school of law; Active membership in the California State Bar; 2 yrs of experience in an Attorney classification in a California Trial Court Or 4 yrs in the practice of law. May be required to possess or obtain by appointment date a valid California driver’s license issued by the State Department of Motor Vehicles; Must be willing to work at any court location; May be required to work outside normal business hours with or without advance notice.
Recruitment Process - To be considered for this position, job applicants are required to complete an official court application, a résumé, and a writing sample, not to exceed 5 pages. Eligible job applicants will be notified by phone or letter of the date and location prior to scheduling for the interview. Official application forms are available on the court’s Web site,
or application forms may be picked up from the court’s human resources department in the Executive Office at 600 Union Avenue, Fairfield. Applications may be mailed or dropped off at the court and must be received by close of business on the final filing date. Faxes or postmarks are not accepted.