Rutuparna Mohanty
California Lawyer

Rutuparna Mohanty

A conversation with Rutuparna Mohanty, who fights for the rights of exploited women in India.

December 2013

Reader Comments

Comment by HONEY A. LEWIS - November 28, 2013
Excellent. Somehow while viewing it switched to U-Tube.
Comment by Gyandeep Vishwaprasad - December 29, 2013
It is an excellent interview of Mrs. Rutuparna Mohanty. It is good and realistic. I salute Mrs. Mohanty and the Person who interviewed her.
Comment by Deepak Acharya - January 3, 2014
the points spoken by Mrs. Mohanty is the Untold Truth of the present indian context. all the points Mrs. Mohanty Spoke Were to the Point and Precise. As a Indian i feel shame that this is the story of India but also at the same time feel proud that their are people like Mrs.Mohanty who are pledged to change the things.
Comment by biswaraj patnaik - January 3, 2014
Rutuparna is plain courage and fearlessness incarnate ! As an Indian i am proud to have such a fellow citizen of her stature. God give her many more happy years to achieve more.
Comment by Arindam das - January 3, 2014
I know this human rights woman activist since last several years. I also got some opportunities to accompany her in some case studies. Its great to see this video where a lady of rural odisha interviewed by an editor of a prestigious magazine. Here one can watch the video and learn about this lady but infact the lady is like this. Her voice is her work. She's a great worker, who reflect the real stories of real India here. Here you can watch, learn and get a lot datas about woman and their difficulties in the society in India

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