Holiday Gift Guide
California Lawyer

Holiday Gift Guide

December 2013

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The holidays are a time to de-stress, recharge, and be merry. Herewith, some gift suggestions for that overworked attorney in your life.

From Law Family Vineyards (yes, the proprietors are Don and Susie Law), the 2010 Sagacious: This small-batch Grenache blend from the Central Coast scored a whopping 93 from wine guru Robert Parker.
$65 at

From VuPoint Solutions, the Magic Wand Portable Scanner: Handheld, with a color display and high-speed sensor, it's perfect for someone who's always on the move.
$80 (and up) where office supplies are sold

From WakaWaka, WakaWaka Power, a solar-powered charger and light: Charge any USB-compatible device in the back country, aboard a plane, or in a cab - or just read at night. The price on this high-efficiency charger is lower in developing countries.
$79 at

From Nayoyo, the Acupuncture Mat: For instant relief of back pain, try reclining on this light, compact mat (stores easily under a desk - or in a closet).
$30 at

From Philips, a Hue Starter Kit: Sometimes, a change of atmosphere can be soothing. Find your lighting sweet spot with color-changing bulbs that fit regular fixtures and can be controlled wirelessly with an app on your iPhone or iPad.
$195 in stores and at

From Adonit, the Jot Touch 4 stylus: Stave off repetitive stress injuries from touchscreen keyboarding with this pressure-sensitive stylus for your iPad. To add features, use it with Bluetooth. Or just revisit the days of doodling.
$89.99 in stores or at

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