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Defending the Faithful
At Stanford's new Religious Liberty Clinic, law students gain valuable experience helping to protect First Amendment rights.

Prosecutor Without Borders
International lawyer Almudena Bernabeu has pursued human rights violators in multiple jurisdictions. This year she helped win the short-lived conviction of a former dictator in Guatemala -- and promises to continue the investigation in Spain.

The 2013 California 50
Our annual survey of lawyers at the state's largest firms compares the numbers to last year's results. We also examine trends in part-time attorneys, hiring, and partner diversity.

Real-Time Billing Cuts Surprises
New online billing software promises greater transparency in real time.

The California 50: Life at Big Firms
Data from the California 50 survey reveals trends in big firm life.

There's an App for You
Apps for smartphones and tablets can be valuable tools in almost any law practice.

Intellectual Property

Editor's Note


Expert Advice: Pitfalls in Diversity Removal
When defendants remove cases to federal court on diversity grounds, a number of procedural and jurisdictional issues are sure to arise.

MCLE: Parol Evidence after Riverisland
A recent California decision upends a long-standing precedent on the use of parol evidence in integrated contract cases.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: In Service to the Client
A lawyer reflects on the challenges and rewards of representing public agencies.

Books: Murder at the Supreme Court
This is not a legal thriller, but a nonfiction book focusing on the stories and legal issues of capital cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Books: Ghosts of Jim Crow
Michael Higginbotham explores racial hierarchies in the U.S. and offers suggestions on building a "post-racial" America.

Books: First Amendment Institutions
Paul Howitz provides a comprehensive analysis and proposes that certain organizations merit judicial deference on free speech.

Books: Why Jury Duty Matters
Law professor and former public defender Andrew Ferguson argues that serving on a jury is a key part of citizen participation in the democratic process.

The Supremes: Eyeballing Equality
A blockbuster it wasn't, but last term's docket at the U.S. Supreme Court nonetheless produced key rulings in high-profile cases.

At Large: Dear Governor Brown,
An open letter to Governor Brown makes the case for reversing budget cuts that have devastated California's courts.