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Pleading for Justice
A Los Angeles County public defender seeks justice for her clients in a system of plea bargains.

Getting SLAPPed Around
California's anti-SLAPP statute, enacted in 1992 to protect free speech rights, increasingly is invoked as a litigation tactic.

Having a Citizen Baby
Family law practitioners are seeing more clients from abroad hire surrogates in the United States to deliver babies with American citizenship.

Changing Jobs in Midstream
Lawyers discuss how they successfully switched jobs in midcareer.

Survey: Law Is Tops In Workplace Equality
The legal profession ranked highest in the 2014 Corporate Equality Index.

Pro Bono on the Go
Pro bono opportunities this month for even the busiest Southern California lawyers.

Hindsight: 6 Years Ago
A look at a California Supreme Court Case from six years ago.


Technologies on the Horizon
Emerging security, password, and research technologies offer new help for lawyers.



Editor's Note

Expert Advice: Poaching Metatags and Keywords
Is it legal to use an e-commerce competitor's trademarks as keywords and metatags to redirect website traffic?

MCLE: Plea Bargaining Demystified
Plea bargaining, a vitally important part of the administration of justice, is a complex process with many nuances.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: A Laughing Matter
An attorney opts out of practicing law for a more mirthful career as a humor consultant.

Books: Manson
Author Jeff Guinn takes an unexpected look at the life of Charles Manson

Books: Humboldt
Journalist Emily Brady explores the impact of marijuana’s legalization in Humboldt County

Legally Speaking: The Trial of "Edward Snowman"
Imagine what would happen if an NSA contractor who exposed a massive, secretly run, government surveillance program didn't flee the country to avoid prosecution?

Practical Tips: The Elevator Pitch
To attract new clients, small-firm lawyers should have an "elevator pitch" ready.