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John Henry Browne

The criminal defense attorney best known for his work on behalf of the notorious.

John Rizzo

An interview with retired CIA attorney John Rizzo.

Earn MCLE credit by watching Legally Speaking Videos

Nonprofit Law: More Regulations, More Opportunities

As nonprofits face increased regulation, organizations could use lawyers versed in the practice.

Financial Glossary: Post-recession Update

Latham & Watkins releases its newest edition of the Book of Jargon.

Good Works: AIDS Legal Services Project

The AIDS Legal Service Project is seeking volunteers.


The Department of Homeland Security ranks the groups presenting the greatest threat to domestic safety.


Embrace Parentheticals

Concise arguments may be made using the (oft-ignored) parenthetical.

Planning for E-Discovery

California's federal courts are among the leaders in developing new guidelines.

Employment Law: A 10-Point ADA Checklist

Practical advice for complying with the Americans with Disabilities act.

Defending the Indefensible

A conversation with John Henry Browne, the Seattle lawyer who defended serial killer Ted Bundy.

Avoiding a Dogfight

A family law attorney recalls his personal experience with pet-custody arrangements.

Eavesdropping Liability

State law contains crucial privacy protections that prohibit wiretapping and eavesdropping on certain conversations.

Virtual Practice Realities

Lawyers who have tried virtual practice discuss how it worked out and the tools they used.