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The ASU Alumni Law Group is a nonprofit, fee-for-service law firm, modeled in part on teaching hospitals. This first-in-the-nation venture will help bridge the gap between law school and practice by hiring and training recent ASU law graduates in the practical aspects of lawyering and preparing them to succeed in the 21st Century legal market. The firm will partner with other ASU initiatives focused on improving Arizona’s economy and quality of life and will provide low-cost, high-quality legal services to a wide variety of clients, including those who cannot afford to pay market rates. The law firm will be self-sufficient after an initial start-up phase and, to the extent it generates excess revenues, will fund student scholarships at the College of Law.
The firm seeks a dynamic, proactive, and highly-motivated individual for the position of Executive Director who will be responsible for designing and building the firm and for managing it once operational.
- $110,000-$130,000, depending upon qualifications.
Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to Michelle Hagerman at
by Monday, April 15.