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COURT COMMISSIONER Superior Court of CA, County of Merced $5,845.02 Biwkly - $12,664.21 Mnthly equiv. Official application & a complete detailed job flyer can be obtained from: website Filing Deadline: 4:30pm 9/27/13. EOE. COURT COMMISSIONER Superior Court of CA, County of Merced $5,845.02 Biwkly - $12,664.21 Mnthly equiv. Court Commissioner Duties incl. but not limited to: conducting arraignments, preside over proceedings in one or more the following: civil & small claims actions, criminal and traffic arraignments; unlawful detainer; hearings & trials of infractions; misdemeanors; felonies; probate, family law & juvenile court. Req's: Graduation from an accredited law school, active membership in the State Bar of CA min. 10 yrs contin. & 10 yrs legal exp. in civil, criminal, family, juvenile, probate and/or law and motion litigations; citizen of the US, resident of the State of CA, comprehensive knowledge of all applicable state and federal law; while serving the Court, a commissioner is prohibited from the private practice of law. Official application & a complete detailed job flyer can be obtained from: Merced Superior Court 627 W. 21st St., Merced, CA or from website Filing Deadline: 4:30pm 9/27/13. EOE.

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