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BEST BEST & KRIEGER SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATE OPENINGS: Environmental & Natural Res. Group associate requiring 3-5 yrs. of both CEQA transactional and CEQA litigation exp. plus land use exp. Planning background ideal. Candidate may be based in the Riverside, Irvine or Los Angeles office. Municipal Law Group associates (1) requiring 4-6 yrs. of transactional municipal law exp. Ideal candidate would serve as a City Attorney 2nd Chair; (2) requiring 4-6 yrs. of municipal civil & criminal code enforcement exp. Candidates for both positions will be based in the Ontario and Irvine offices. Education Law Group associate requiring 2-3 yrs. of special education law exp. w/some general education law exp. preferred. Candidate will be based in the Riverside office. Patricia Benter Dir. of Recruitment Best Best & Krieger LLP 3390 University Ave., 5th Flr P.O. Box 1028, Riverside, CA 92502 Email: Please visit our website at:

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