James Bopp
California Lawyer

James Bopp

A conversation with James Bopp Jr., the plaintiffs lawyer who championed Citizens United.

October 2013

Reader Comments

Comment by Ron L. Scott - October 5, 2013
1st Amendment Adopters could not have contemplated the wealth, power and influence of huge domestic and multinational corporations who, today, are capable of using their vast wealth, offshore bank accounts and manipulation of foreign tax havens, to secretly further their U.S. political agendas. Mr. Bopp, no doubt a brilliant, and superb lawyer, has a pollyannish view regarding the corrupting influence of unbridled power (spending) of corporations and unions which, I argue, will result in the marginalization of American democracy!
Comment by Ellen M Fawls - October 8, 2013
Enjoyed this interview
Comment by Kevin Forrester - October 12, 2013
Outstanding interview. I regret only that it's entitled "The Lawyer Who's Killing Campaign Finance Reform", instead of "The Lawyer Who's Protecting the First Amendment." Our profession needs more lawyers like James Bopp, Jr. Kevin Forrester a California Lawyer
Comment by Wolfgang Nordmeyer, J.D. - November 18, 2013
Citizens United has made the United States a new place - the United Corporations. Real democracy with politicians actually engaging in real debates and attempting to convince voters of the merits of their positions is gone. The Corporate Pigs are oiking with joy. The Supreme Court has allowed them to buy the U.S. Canada is beginning to look better every day.

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