The California 50: Los Angeles Offices by the Numbers
California Lawyer
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The California 50: Los Angeles Offices by the Numbers

October 2013

Among the 50 biggest law firms in California, 45 have offices in Los Angeles (nine have two). Worldwide, the state's 50 biggest firms have 16.5 offices each, on average. Here's how the L.A. offices stack up.

Office size
The L.A. offices have more lawyers on average than the firms' other offices.
Los Angeles: 80
Worldwide: 52

The firms' L.A. offices have a slightly greater proportion of female attorneys than the firms do worldwide ...
Los Angeles:
35% Worldwide: 33% ...
and they have many more minority lawyers.

Los Angeles: 21%
Worldwide: 14%

Part time
Lawyers in L.A. offices are slightly less likely to work part time.
Los Angeles: 6%
Worldwide: 7%

Partner elevations
Associates in L.A. had the same chance of making partner as associates did worldwide.
Los Angeles: 5%
Worldwide: 5%

Associate ratios
The largest firms' L.A. offices have slightly fewer associates per partner.
Los Angeles: 1.09 to One
Worldwide: 1.14 to One

L.A. wasn't a hiring hotspot. On average, offices there had:
21% of their firms' lawyers overall
16% of new hires in 2012--13

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