Adam Winkler
California Lawyer

Adam Winkler

A conversation with UCLA law professor Adam Winkler on gun control legislation and the Second Amendment.

June 2013

Reader Comments

Comment by James Joseph Lynch, Jr. (SBN 85805) - June 13, 2013
At the time the 2nd Amendment was written there were two systems of militia: Federal and State. Moreover, the militia were not given arms. They brought their own weapons to war and drills. The amendment was designed to protect the rights of both governments. The USSC'S problem, was the right was denied without reason. Now, there must be a reason: Felon, mental health, use of excessive force, etc. Assassinated: JFK, RFK, SF Mayor Moscone; Wounded: Reagan and Press Secretary; Member of Congress. 22 Students at school. Come on, lets get real, reasonable regulation is required.

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