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April 2016

The State of Facebook and Family Law

Four attorneys share anecdotes about Facebook's effect on family law, and round up recent case trends and ethics rules on the topic.

By Chandra Moss (CFLS), Kristen Holstrom, Mary Melech, and William Peacock

December 2015

Attorneys on Social Media Raise a Firm’s Profile, But Some Training Is in Order

#ILoveMyLife #YOLO #LawyerLife #WishYouWereMe

By Kristen Marquis Dennis

October 2015

5 Online Marketing Tips for Small Firms

Tips to help small firm owners improve their online marketing.

By Susan Kuchinskas

September 2015

How to Choose an E-Discovery Vendor

Tips, plus a glossary, to help you choose an e-discovery provider.

By David Ferry

August 2015

When Luddite Trial Presentation, E-Discovery, and Ethics Collide

To competently handle e-discovery matters, effective trial presentation is essential.

By Ted Brooks

August 2015

Using Practice Management Software Can Boost Firms’ Productivity

Adopting practice management software can result in big savings for small firms.

By Jeanette Boyne

July 2015

How High-Tech Trial Exhibits Can Bring Even IP Cases to Life

Jurors expect video re-creations, animation and 3-D effects.

By Susan Kuchinskas

June 2015

How Law Firms Can Protect Data Security in the BYOD Age

With appropriate policies for the use of personal devices, law firms can reconcile security and mobility.

By David Ferry

May 2015

Strong Information Governance Policies Help Firms Organize and Protect Data

Law firms can increase their efficiency and security with good information management

By Susan Kuchinskas

April 2015

Safe Data Storage Forecast: Partly Cloudy

As data proliferates at law firms, attorneys must find safe storage, either on the cloud, in the office, or in a hybrid solution.

By Susan Kuchinskas
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