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December 2015

Arbitration Update: An Overview of Recent California Appellate Decisions

A primer on the evolving case law governing the enforceability of arbitration clauses.

By Richard H. Glucksman, Craig A. Roeb and Grace A. Nguyen

November 2015

Ending the Client Relationship (Part 2)

When attorneys end a client relationship, they must follow specific ethics rules.

By Steven D. Wasserman and Joel A. Kane

October 2015

Ending the Client Relationship (Part 1)

Attorneys who want to end a client relationship must follow a series of ethics rules.

By Steven D. Wasserman and Joel A. Kane

September 2015

The Importance of Distinguishing Between the Right of Occupancy and a Life Estate

Courts have struggled to distinguish the two concepts.

By Alan Weinfeld

August 2015

Using Email as Evidence at Trial

A number of issues may come up when using email as evidence.

By Mark Mermelstein and Christin J. Hill

July 2015

Are You Liable for Serving Alcohol to a Drunken Driver?

California has wrestled with liquor liability for years.

By Brian Kabateck and Douglas Rochen

June 2015

File That Insurance Claim on Time

Deciphering the deadlines for insurance claims.

By Kirk Pasich

May 2015

Does Attorney-Client Privilege Apply to In-House Law Firm Communications?

A recent decision sheds light on the issue.

By Jessica R. MacGregor and Shane M. Cahill

April 2015

Don’t Forget About Tax Code When Negotiating Workplace Settlements

Avoid unwanted tax liabilities when negotiating settlements of workplace litigation.

By Alan S. Levins and Jason E. Shapiro
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