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June 2017

Indemnity Agreements and Negligence

Does an indemnity agreement provide protection when the obligated party has not been negligent? The answer depends on the language used.

By Brian McMahon

June 2017

Attorney-Client Privilege: Accessing the Black Box

The attorney-client privilege bars intrusion into communications between attorneys and their clients. But that protection may not apply in estate litigation.

By Benjamin D. Fox

May 2017

Non-Compete Agreements

California has strict rules outlawing covenants not to compete. But there are exceptions.

By Robert B. Milligan and D. Joshua Salinas

April 2017

Public Employees and Free Speech: An Update

When a public employee speaks up, does the First Amendment provide protection? It depends.

By Richard Whitmore and David Urban

April 2017

SLAPP Update

As recent case law demonstrates, California’s anti-SLAPP statute is a potent and ever evolving weapon.

By Jeremy B. Rosen and Matthew C. Samet

March 2017

Determining the True Status of Independent Contractors

Determining the true status of someone labeled as “independent contractor” is a complex inquiry, and a lot of money often rides on the result.

By Robert W. Wood

February 2017

Tax Rules for Settlements and Judgments

Whenever you resolve a case, think about the tax implications. A little foresight can save a lot of money.

By Robert W. Wood

February 2017

The Scope of the IDEA Statute

How far must local school districts go in providing a “free and appropriate” public education?

By Gregory J. Rolen

January 2017

Buy-Sell Agreements: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

When negotiating the acquisition or sale of a business, attorneys need to understand the dynamics of the deal from both sides of the table.

By Erin K. Tenner

January 2017

Section 998 Update

What every lawyer should know about the latest interpretations of California’s cost-shifting settlement statute.

By Gerald G. Knapton
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