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February 2017

Tax Rules for Settlements and Judgments

Whenever you resolve a case, think about the tax implications. A little foresight can save a lot of money.

By Robert W. Wood

February 2017

The Scope of the IDEA Statute

How far must local school districts go in providing a “free and appropriate” public education?

By Gregory J. Rolen

January 2017

Buy-Sell Agreements: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

When negotiating the acquisition or sale of a business, attorneys need to understand the dynamics of the deal from both sides of the table.

By Erin K. Tenner

January 2017

Section 998 Update

What every lawyer should know about the latest interpretations of California’s cost-shifting settlement statute.

By Gerald G. Knapton

December 2016

The True Retainer: A Rare Breed (Special Credit)

Labeling a client’s retainer payment “nonrefundable” can be a big mistake. Only a true retainer merits that treatment—and they are extremely rare.

By Aaron Shechet and Leigh Chandler

December 2016

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: Communicating With Clients (Special Credit)

Every lawyer is a communicator of some sort, and the key to success is good communication with the client.

By Steven D. Wasserman and Joel Kane

November 2016

Other People’s Money (Special Credit)

What are the ethics rules when a third party is paying the client’s legal fees?

By Teresa J. Schmid

November 2016

Eavesdropping Liability

The California Penal Code contains important privacy protections that prohibit wiretapping and eavesdropping on confidential communications.

By Vance Woodward

November 2016

Constructive Receipt: A Fundamental Tax Concept

What lawyers should know about timing, tax issues and structured payment of legal fees.

By Robert W. Wood

October 2016

Fee Disgorgement (Special Credit)

Attorneys who fail to disclose conflicts to clients may lose their right to collect fees—and may have repay fees already collected.

By Kate G. Kimberlin and Jessica R. MacGregor
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