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First Person

June 2016

Reflections on Pride

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, a lawyer examines her personal relationship with LGBT pride.

By Laura W. Brill

June 2016

My First Trial: Lessons I Learned in a Pelican Bay Prison Case

A big firm lawyer recounts life and legal lessons he learned from his first jury trial.

By Matthew D. Benedetto

January 2016

Pro Bono Work by Major Law Firms Provides Voice to the Voiceless

A Big Law partner reflects on her role in United States v. Texas, and how large law firms can greatly impact public policy through pro bono work.

By Linda Smith

October 2015

I Defended the City of Albany When it Was Sued by Homeless Residents at the Bulb

Homelessness is worldwide, but often its battleground is local government.

By Toussaint S. Bailey

September 2015

My Summer Associate Mentor Set Me on My Career Path

A young partner reflects on how his mentor helped him get to where he is today.

By Zachary M. Turke

August 2015

I Argued My First Case at the California Court of Appeal as a Law Student

A recent graduate reflects on her first big case.

By Elizabeth Little

July 2015

How My First Job as a Dishwasher Inspired the Way I Work Today

A lawyer looks back at his first job.

By Guillermo Mayer

June 2015

An Elder Law Attorney Learns from Advocacy

A lawyer for elders gets an unexpected education, in life and on the job.

By Prescott Cole

May 2015

Teaching Poetry to Kids in Juvenile Hall Changed My Life

A law school student describes an experience that inspired a change in her career trajectory.

By Megan Quirk

April 2015

Becoming the Lawyer My Family Never Had

A young attorney reconciles a bitter time from childhood.

By Jenny Hua
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