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March 2016

4 Common Missteps In Family Law Appeals

Here are a few common mistakes family law practitioners make when pursuing an appeal.

By Ronald B. Funk

March 2016

An Expansive View of Bankruptcy Court’s Equitable Powers

A recent Seventh Circuit ruling gives insight into the scope of equitable powers granted to a bankruptcy court.

By David Kupetz

February 2016

CIPA Class Action Trends

Watch out for class claims under California's Invasion of Privacy Act over surreptitious call recording.

By Ana Tagvoryan, Brendan F. Hug, and Yosef A. Mahmood

February 2016

Beware of Gifts to Caregivers

A key provision of the Caregiver Statute requires a certificate of independent review if the gift is being made by an elderly person.

By Michael Fedalen

February 2016

Comprehensive Groundwater Adjudications: New Rules of Engagement for Resolving Groundwater Disputes

New procedures govern the battle over one of California’s most valuable resources.

By Derek R. Hoffman

January 2016

AB 1236 Pushes Local Governments to Accommodate Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Legislature acts to assure the availability of suitable charging stations for electric vehicles.

By Terence Rex Boga

December 2015

Collateral Source Update: Proving Medical Expenses After ‘Corenbaum’ and ‘Bermudez’

Recent case law adds complexity to presenting medical bills to a jury, especially where health insurance and the collateral source rule are concerned.

By G. Seth Mitchell

December 2015

How Do You Explain Mediation?

Practical tips on how to approach the mediation process.

By George H. Friedman

November 2015

How ‘West Hollywood’ Puts a Twist On Unemployment Benefits Review

A recent decision affects court review of unemployment eligibility determinations.

By Joshua M. Caplan

October 2015

Protecting the Client Trust Account

Client trust accounts require proper oversight and constant vigilance.

By Shane M. Cahill
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