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December 2015

How Do You Explain Mediation?

Practical tips on how to approach the mediation process.

By George H. Friedman

November 2015

How ‘West Hollywood’ Puts a Twist On Unemployment Benefits Review

A recent decision affects court review of unemployment eligibility determinations.

By Joshua M. Caplan

October 2015

Protecting the Client Trust Account

Client trust accounts require proper oversight and constant vigilance.

By Shane M. Cahill

July 2015

California Drought: New Groundwater Regulations Emerge

New standards are created as California’s aquifers strain under drought.

By Belynda Reck

June 2015

Workers’ Compensation Side Agreements Called Into Question

A recent New York decision voids out-of-state arbitration clauses in California.

By Nicholas P. Roxborough

May 2015

One Lawyer’s Favorite Tech Tools

A litigator reveals his six favorite tech products.

By Joseph C. Gratz

April 2015

Listen More, Talk Less

Good listening skills can be more valuable than good talking skills — even for lawyers.

By Sachin Adarkar

April 2015

The Perils of Filing Jointly

Most married couple file a joint return, but it's not always the best strategy.

By Robert W. Wood
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