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July 2017

Civil Challenges to Cannabis Businesses in Legal States

Although selling cannabis is legal in several states—but still a crime under federal law—a recent case may mark a new trend: private, civil lawsuits to attack businesses engaged in the marijuana industry.

By Josh Heinlein and Jacob Ayres

July 2017

Internet Investigations for Effective Discovery

A few clicks of the computer can yield a treasure trove of information about a party or key witness.

By Alexandra Hamilton

July 2017

Small Firm Partnership: Making it Work

A proven recipe for a successful small firm partnership: Talk often and don’t sweat over money.

By Gerald Sauer and Eve Wagner

July 2017

Litigators v. Trial Lawyers: The Differences and Why They Matter

The skills required of a bona fide trial lawyer differ profoundly from those required of a pre-trial litigator.

By Chris Arledge

June 2017

New Rules for Medi-Cal and Special Needs Trusts

A new law benefits injured plaintiffs by removing hurdles.

By Patricia Tobin

June 2017

A Quick Primer on Special Prosecutors

With everything happening in Washington these days, it’s appropriate to pause and briefly review how the law has evolved in this area.

By Zachary S. Price

June 2017

New Restriction on Patent Venue

A recent Supreme Court decision deals a blow to ‘patent trolls’ and the ‘best little’ East Texas towns that thrive on patent litigation.

By Ronald P. Abrams

June 2017

Forensic Accounting: Is it Really Lost Income? (Part 3)

Forensic accountants can assist counsel to dig deep when preparing—and contesting—claims of economic loss.


June 2017

Regulating Driverless Cars

Self-driving cars are becoming a reality as legal issues dot the roadway.

By Rudy R. Perrino and Bejan E. Atashkar

May 2017

How to Navigate Regulations On Subscription-Based Businesses

Here are three state-specific compliance tips for businesses that offer subscription-based services in California.

By Toney Tootell and Vlada Fraiman
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