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December 2017

Auto-Renewal Update

California businesses face revised rules for their automatic renewal practices, especially if they include a “free trial” feature.

By Kirk Soderquist, James Snell, and Elizabeth Mendoza

November 2017

Understanding the New Framework for Whistleblower Retaliation in California

Changes to the Labor Code enhance protection for employees who speak out against improprieties.

By Pooja S. Nair

October 2017

Structuring Fees at Settlement Time

When a case resolves, attorneys have a decision to make: what to do with the fees owed to them.

By Patrick Farber

October 2017

Protecting Customer Lists as Trade Secrets

California law recognizes some customer lists as trade secrets. But not all of them.

By Mark Punzalan and Stephen Stanwood

October 2017

Looking Back at ‘Daubert’

Almost 25 years ago, a key U.S. Supreme Court decision set the standard for the admissibility of expert testimony in federal court. An expert looks back on that venerable precedent.

By Frank Wisehart

October 2017

Experts, Hearsay, and the ‘Sanchez’ Case

The California Supreme Court has clarified when an expert can rely on hearsay—and when the expert can tell a jury about it.

By David A. Shimkin

September 2017

Send a Raven: More CEQA Litigation is Coming

The California Environmental Quality Act sometimes conflicts with federal law. And sometimes not.

By John D. Darling and Jennifer Tung

September 2017

Using a Restricted Stock Agreement

When business owners plan for the future of their business, they should consider a well-defined stock transfer agreement.

By William L. Porter
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