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January 2017

Effective Advocacy for Software Patents

There are key concepts, but no bright line rules on software patents. The best approach is to follow the common law, comparing and contrasting prior patent cases.

By James Yang

January 2017

The Monopoly Guys: ASCAP & BMI

The music industry landed on Chance when it entered into consent decrees long ago.

By Thomas J. McNamara

December 2016

Wage & Hour Spotlight: Personal Assistants in the Entertainment Industry

Tips to help minimize wage and hour liability in personal assistant contracts.

By Allen B. Grodsky and Tim B. Henderson

December 2016

Attorneys and Marijuana

Recreational marijuana use may now be legal in California, but it’s still a federal crime and, for the state’s lawyers, there are serious ethical issues lurking in the legal fog that surrounds this new development.

By Allison W. Meredith

November 2016

Which Bathroom Do You Use?

As the Supreme Court confronts transgender rights at schools, will the case turn on an esoteric aspect of administrative law?

By Gregory J. Rolen

November 2016

Borrower Beware: 8 Areas to Focus on When Negotiating a Commercial Loan

Experienced counsel should focus on these key provisions in “standard” loan documents.

By Michael N. Rosner

October 2016

New Boost for Bidding Subcontractors

A recent appellate ruling offers an important nuance to the time-honored Drennan ruling.

By William L. Porter

September 2016

Best Practices for Trust Funding

Before transferring real property to a revocable trust, review title insurance policies to make sure your client will still be covered.

By Brandon L. Spivack

September 2016

Whistling for the Win in California Labor Code Section 1102.5

The impressive scope of California's whistleblower law makes it a model for other states seeking to strengthen whistleblower protections.

By David L. Scher and R. Scott Oswald

August 2016

Strengthening the Attorney-Client Relationship Through Transparency

The result is what every lawyer and every client seek: a relationship built on trust.

By Robbie Friedman
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