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April 2017

Federal-State Marijuana Policy: An Uneasy Peace

Recreational cannabis use may be legal under state law, but it’s still a federal crime. The issue is: what’s the Trump Administration going to do about it?

By Josh Heinlein and Jacob Ayres

April 2017

Don’t Destroy the Attorney-Client Privilege!

It’s important for lawyers to properly structure their relationship with a strategic PR firm when a client needs help.

By Adam D.H. Grant and Eden Gillott Bowe

April 2017

Responding To An IRS Notice: 13 Easy Steps

When the IRS asks questions, don’t ignore the inquiry.

By Robert W. Wood

April 2017

How Insurance Companies Are Like Casinos

Here are ten ways that risk underwriting compares to the business plan of a Las Vegas casino—the insight may prove useful during a coverage dispute.

By Joseph G. Balice

March 2017

Using the Right Language

Research shows that how you speak can be more important than what you say.

By Robert L. Teel and Michael M. Miller

March 2017

A Primer on Premises Liability

Owning real property is one thing. Taking care of it is another.

By Kimberly Wong

February 2017

Are Your Legal Bills Privileged?

A recent decision from the California Supreme Court touches deep into the heart of every lawyer’s practice.

By Joshua M . Heinlein and Jacob A. Ayres

February 2017

Investigating Embezzlement

Forensic accountants are key to discovering an employee’s theft of company funds.

By Megan Cafferkey

February 2017

Don’t Forget About Tax Issues in Mediation

An effective settlement depends upon closure, and to fully conclude a matter, counsel need to be aware of the tax implications of their agreement.

By Robert W. Wood

January 2017

Rethinking Mediation Assumptions (Part 3)

By mediating early, parties can avoid a lot of the heartburn, not to mention the expense, of disruptive litigation.

By Mark LeHocky
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