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Art of Getting Paid

What Makes the Retainer Agreement Valid?

The retainer agreement creates a true sense of contract and improves the odds of getting paid.

By Frederick Hertz | August 2015

Art of Getting Paid

How the Legal Billing Topic Caught My Attention

Early on, I learned fee collection is an active process—and a vital one.

By Frederick Hertz | August 2015

Tech, Tech for Lawyers

When Luddite Trial Presentation, E-Discovery, and Ethics Collide

To competently handle e-discovery matters, effective trial presentation is essential.

By Ted Brooks | August 2015

Law Office Management

5 Easy Office Organization Tips

To improve your office organization, focus on task reminders, labels, and lists.

By Katie Burke | August 2015

Legal Marketing

Does Your Law Firm Have a Social Media Engagement Strategy?

Audiences are most engaged on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn when posts are short and sweet, but consistent.

By Aditi Mukherji | August 2015

Law Office Management

Small Law Firm Hiring Do’s and Don’ts

Tips from a small firm owner on handling resumes, interviews, and salary negotiations.

By Sally Morin | August 2015
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