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Art of Getting Paid

Fee Complaints: How to Sort the Reasonable From the Unreasonable

Most fee complaints fall into four general categories. Here's an overview and analysis of each type of complaint.

By Frederick Hertz | March 2017

Art of Getting Paid

Responding to Fee-Related Complaints

Here are the core practices that you should follow in your response to a client's complaint about fees.

By Frederick Hertz | March 2017

Art of Getting Paid

When Can You Stop Working for a Client in Arrears?

If a client is in arrears but has an ongoing matter—litigation or otherwise—at some point, you will need to decide when to withdraw representation.

By Frederick Hertz | February 2017

Art of Getting Paid

When Is It Worth Negotiating a Partial Payment?

Knowing whether to accept a partial payment—and if so, how much of a discount to give—requires a subtle balancing of several factors.

By Frederick Hertz | January 2017

Art of Getting Paid

The Gentle Reminder to Pay Up

When to remind clients about their non-payment, and why such reminders are so important.

By Frederick Hertz | December 2016

The Benefits of Tracking a Client’s Non-Payment

Unpaid invoices can present unique learning opportunities for attorneys.

By Frederick Hertz | December 2016

Monitoring the Bills: The Benefits of Mid-Month Updates With Clients

To improve the odds of getting paid, keep clients in the loop on the status of the work—and the bills.

By Frederick Hertz | December 2016

Legal Marketing, Tech

New Legal Practice Logo and Web Design 101

A London-based designer offers tips on how to craft the right visual identity for a law practice.

By Richard Chapman | November 2016

Tech, Tech for Lawyers

Budget for a Better Business in 2017 With Enterprise Business Intelligence Technology

How to spend more wisely and work more efficiently to find a BI solution that works for your firm.

By Megan Beauchemin | October 2016

Tech, Tech for Lawyers

Are You Audit Ready? Strategies, Tools, and Tactics to Address Compliance Concerns in the Legal Industry

While formal audits are pretty rare, every client is concerned about the security of their law firms.

By Scott Petry | October 2016
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