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February 2018

The Perils of Unauthorized Disclosure (Special Credit)

When an attorney discovers she has received privileged documents in error, crucial ethics questions arise, and they have serious consequences.

By L. W. Greenberg

February 2018

Drone Searches: A New Frontier for the Fourth Amendment

The use of drones spurs reassessment of time-honored privacy concerns.

By Kevin Moon and Brandon Franklin

February 2018

Sociology Expression Papers InstantWritings

By Linda Hubbell

February 2018

Selecting Litigation Counsel

When it comes to choosing the right lawyer to plead a case, it’s all about character.

By Janis Ozaki

January 2018

Legislating Addiction

Addictive behavior—whether with drugs, alcohol, or your cell phone—has reached epidemic proportions. A lawyer calls for the Legislature to act.

By Karina Saranovic

January 2018

Reel Law

Legal Moments at the Movies

January 2018

California’s Energy Storage Policies Enable a Greener, Cleaner Future

Recent policy developments seek to ensure better energy storage and distribution in the years to come.

By Buck Endemann

January 2018

Are Student Interns Employees?

Ninth Circuit and the Department of Labor clarify when an intern is entitled to minimum wages and other employment benefits.

By Alan S. Levins and Amanda Osowski
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