Big Firms in Silicon Valley
California Lawyer
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Big Firms in Silicon Valley

October 2012

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By the Numbers

For the first time California Lawyer asked law firms to report on their Silicon Valley (SV) offices for our annual California 50 survey. The results suggest a slightly more ethnically diverse law firm culture, where the number of attorneys per office tends to be low and the ratio of associates to partners high, compared with statewide numbers.

33: Number of law firms in the California - 50 that have offices in SV

20: Percentage of lawyers at those firms who work in the SV offices

53: Average number of lawyers staffing a California 50 firm's SV office

20: Average number of partners in those offices

4: Average number of of counsel in those offices

29: Average number of associates in those offices

1:1.4 Ratio of partners to associates in SV offices

1:1.1 Ratio of partners to associates statewide

14.8% Percentage of minority partners in SV offices

12.3% Percentage of minority partners statewide

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