Condoms In Porn On LA Ballot
California Lawyer

Condoms In Porn On LA Ballot

January 2012

Angelenos will decide in June whether actors in pornographic films should be required to wear condoms to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV-AIDS.

Backers of the requirement successfully gathered nearly twice the 41,000 signatures needed to include the measure on the ballot during the presidential primary.

Condom proponents want local authorities to monitor compliance by the multibillion-dollar x-rated industry primarily centered in the San Fernando Valley and charge actors and filmmakers a fee to pay for the inspections.

City and county officials, however, have balked, citing the difficulty and cost of implementing a condom requirement through the health department and that only the state has the authority to require such regulations.

No one in the Legislature appears to be willing to take up the cause. California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health has issued a requirement for actors to use condoms, but it can act only after receiving complaints.

Advocates, led by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, finally moved to get the issue on the ballot as a last resort.

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