2012 Prognostications
California Lawyer
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2012 Prognostications

December 2011

What legal trends can we expect to see in 2012? On the heels of a historically gloomy year for the state's courts, some of the members of California Lawyer's editorial advisory board speculate on how the economic crisis will shape the next twelve months.

David M. Balabanian
Bingham McCutchen
The state sells its judicial system to Zynga, a social network game developer based in San Francisco, and trials are conducted online as video games to accommodate budget cuts to the state court system.

Dan Grunfeld
Kaye Scholer
In a nationally heralded development, California announces that due to the lack of judicial resources to hear civil cases, it is forced to abolish the statute of limitations doctrine.

Antonia Hernández
California Community Foundation
The people of California acknowledge the insanity of the initiative process and qualify a ballot initiative to end all initiatives.

Bill Lockyer
California State Treasurer
In response to ongoing budget woes in the California courts, Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye takes a page from the home-schooling movement and declares that all new civil trials will be subject to a "home-courting" program called You Be the Judge.

Jonathan S. Shapiro
Writer, producer
The rebellious judges of Los Angeles County secede from California and create their own judicial collective. Loosely governed along libertarian lines, their new court seal consists of a burning set of AOC guidelines under the slogan "Every Judge ... a King!"

Gerald F. Uelmen
Santa Clara University School of Law
Faced with declining enrollments and bleak job prospects for their graduates, several California law schools develop innovative, joint-degree programs combining law with the study of massage therapy, dental hygiene, sewing, or forensic phrenology.

Reader Comments

Bostock Hackett, III - December 31, 2011
When a river jams with logs, the logger seek the "key log" and releases it. It would be my prayer that the President or one of the candidates will move back to freedom and reason and tolerance in our laws. My suggestion for key log pardoning. "Grant a million pardons!" When that jam shifts, try the great new key: "Repeal!"

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