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TMZ's Troubleshooter
Though gossip and scandal are TMZ's stock-in-trade, it isn't sued very often. In-house counsel Jason Beckerman is one reason why.

The Children Left Behind
California's dependency courts, where cases of child abuse and neglect are heard behind closed doors, have suffered disproportionately from funding cutbacks. Somehow, the lawyers who work in the system stick with it.

When Art Goes Online
Once zealous protectors of their copyrights, many art museums now see the benefits of online sharing.

Holiday Gift Guide
Gifts that offer efficiency, renewal, and maybe a laugh.

Good Works: Passion Has Early Roots
Childhood memories of injustice paved the way for attorney Ana de Alba.


Firm Websites Must Evolve
Law firm websites need regular updates to keep pace with the technology behind them.

False Claims

Editor's Note


Full Disclosure: Solidarity for Later
As union membership hits historic lows, immigrants and low-wage workers are taking collective action through alt-labor centers.

Expert Advice: Keep Your House(hold) in Order
Legal obligations abound for hiring domestic help.

MCLE: Addressing Substance Abuse
Resources are available to help attorneys recover from addiction.

MCLE: Can We Talk?
Vexing attorney-client privilege issues arise when lawyers seeks legal or ethical advice from their own law firm's general counsel.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: Down at the Gucci Jail
A lawyer recalls the lasting impact a criminal case had on his career.

Books: Disabled Education
A review of Ruth Colker's book on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Books: American Epic
Law professor Garrett Epps's entertaining and literate exposition on the Constitution.

Books: Fighting for Their Lives
Susannah Sheffer looks inside the lives of capital defense attorneys.

Books: Excerpt: CHIEF
An excerpt from "Chief: The Quest for Justice in California" by Ronald M. George.

Legally Speaking: Fighting for Women in India
A conversation with Rutuparna Mohanty, who fights for the rights of exploited women in India.

In House: Honesty Is the Policy
Legal decision-making should be a transparent process.

At Large: The Year Ahead
Our columnist identifies four of the most important legal stories of 2014.