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Sleepless in Stockton
As other deficit-ridden cities in California look on, a federal bankruptcy judge opens the door for Stockton to default on municipal bonds and pension obligations to its unsecured creditors.

The Bag Man
Sole practitioner Stephen Joseph fights an uphill battle to save the plastic shopping bag from extinction.

Grading the Teachers
California teacher evaluations based on student performance are enforced in Los Angeles Unified School District.

A Primer on Chapter 9


Inmates Care for Dogs
A heartwarming tale about dogs and jail.

Reel Law

2013 Prognostications
Our editorial board issues its prognostications for California's legal landscape in 2013.

Environmental Law

Editor's Note


Full Disclosure: Too Big To Sue?
Barclays admission that its financial traders sought to manipulate the London InterBank Offered Rate (LIBOR) set off a flood of civil anti-trust actions. But a pending motion to dismiss the consolidated cases asks, "What's the legal harm in fixing an abstraction?"

Expert Advice: Software and the CLRA
California's Consumers Legal Remedies Act contains powerful protections. But the statute doesn't necessarily apply to computer software.

In 20 short years, the anti-SLAPP statute has become a potent weapon in virtually every litigator's arsenal.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: A Lawyer Away, but Not Gone
A sole practitioner describes his dream of taking an extended sabbatical, and the reality of making it happen.

Books: Rights at Risk
David K. Shipler's book is reviewed by Timothy Sandefur.

Books: How to Fix Copyright
A review of the latest on copyright from William Patry.

Books: For Liberty and Equality
Alexander Tsesis's new book, reviewed.

Legally Speaking: The Lawyer Synanon Tried to Kill
A conversation with cult adversary Paul Morantz.

In House: In House and It Feels So Good
Our guest columnist explains why he would never want to go back to working for a law firm.