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Smoke, but No Fire
All the activity on medical marijuana in 2013 -- by legislators, law enforcement, and advocates -- resulted in very little movement.

All Fracked Up
Miles beneath the Central Valley, California holds two-thirds of the nation's shale oil reserves. But extracting that bonanza takes lots of water -- and could contaminate the environment.

The Right Size
Midsize law firms still have their place in the global legal market.


Job Security v. Civil Rights
A lawsuit claims that certain job protections for California teachers violate kids' civil rights.

No Stars for Fake Reviews
Look before you Yelp.

Did You Know?

Devices Keep Sneaking In
Security challenges mount when lawyers and staff use their own mobile devices for work.


CLE & Office

Editor's Note


Expert Advice: The Latent-Defect Time Bomb
Every California homeowner is bound by a powerful statute of repose, which prohibits the filing of claims based on latent construction defects ten years after the building was completed.

MCLE: Close the File on Malpractice Claims
California's statute of limitations for legal malpractice claims is complex, but you can take steps to protect yourself.

MCLE: Taking the Fifth
Strategic considerations complicate a client's decision whether to invoke the Fifth Amendment.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: Changing Practices
An accident restores a personal injury lawyer's faith in human decency and kindness.

Books: Trailblazer: A Biography of Jerry Brown
Chuck McFadden provides a thumbnail view of Jerry Brown's life and career.

Books: Math on Trial
Leila Schneps and Coralie Colmez look at how mathematical proof (and the experts who present it) can go awry.

Legal Ease: First Impressions Matter
The introduction of a legal brief can make or break a case.

Practical Tips: Don't Blame the Jurors
When jurors perform their own experiments to figure out what the evidence means, it's a sign the trial attorneys have failed to communicate what happens.

Social Media: An Owner's Manual
Companies should establish clear policies about the ownership and use of their social media accounts.

At Large: Giving Thanks
Even in these deeply troubling times, lawyers practicing in California have a lot to be thankful for.