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The Case for Reentry Courts
One solution to help solve California's prison realignment problems.

Dilemmas of State: A Conversation with Harold Koh
A Q&A with U.S. State Department legal adviser Harold Koh on drones and international law.

The Price of Wrongful Conviction
In Sacramento, the Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board is supposed to see to it that wrongfully convicted defendants who are innocent receive $100 for each day that they've spent behind bars. But critics say the board hasn't been faithful to its mission.

The Case for Reentry Courts
One solution to help solve California's prison realignment problems.

Lawyers Spend Big on Campaigns
Lawyers and law firms are funding the 2012 campaigns.

Human Rights Hits Homepages
Human rights hit company homepages with the state’s Transparency in Supply Chain Act.

Reel Law

Employment Law

Editor's Note


Expert Advice: Appraising Diminished Value
When a property's value declines, the expert researching the appraisal faces a unique challenge.

MCLE: Special MCLE Credit: Ethics
The Teeth Behind Civility

Politeness and civility are keys to persuasion—and for attorneys they're written into California's statutes, to boot.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: Patience and Perseverance
An undocumented immigrant passed the California bar exam on his first try—but the biggest challenge of his life is still ahead of him.

Books: Book Review: American Property
American Property, by Stuart Banner, reviewed.

Books: Book Review: Failing Law Schools
Gerald Uelmen reviews Failing Law Schools by Brian Tamanaha—and gets depressed.

Legal Ease: The Lawyer's Poor Prose
Poor writing lands an attorney in the hot seat.

Social Media: The Challenge of Cybersecurity Legislation
Years into the digital age, the United States is still struggling to pass comprehensive cybersecurity legislation.