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Global Warning: International Human Rights Cases Under Fire
In the 1980s, judge-made law turned the 200-year-old Alien Tort Statute into a weapon for human rights lawyers. Now judge-made law by the U.S. Supreme Court may return it to obscurity.

Stanley Mosk's Death Penalty Dilemma
When it came to death penalty cases, Stanley Mosk bowed to the will of the electorate. But the state Supreme Court justice did so with a heavy heart.

Winds of Change for Environmental Lawyers?
A Romney administration could keep environmental transaction lawyers busy in California.

A Supreme Opportunity at UC Davis
Silicon Valley offices—by the numbers.

Big Firms in Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley offices—by the numbers.

Reel Law

Firming-Up First Year Associates
New approaches to the perennial problem of bringing first-years up to speed.

Never Enough Data Storage Space
The availability of cheap computer storage capacity only whets the appetite for more. Here are some of the options.

Class Action

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Full Disclosure: "Pay-for-Delay" Pharma Deals
The California Supreme Court will soon decide whether federal law preempts state antitrust challenges to "pay-for-delay" deals between brand-name drug companies and their generic rivals.

Expert Advice: How Law Firms Get Loans
Looking for a loan? Here's a primer for small firms.

MCLE: Jurisdiction and the Internet
The doctrine of "minimum contacts" takes on a new dimension when applied to a defendant who does business only over the Internet, never physically setting foot in the forum state.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: Virtual Law Down Under
A lawyer describes her career path from securities litigator in New York to sole practitioner in Australia representing California attorneys.

Practical Tips: The Pitfalls of Mediation
Mediation doesn’t always promote civility among lawyers. In fact, it can sometimes enable bad behavior.

The Supremes: Blockbuster Cases Ahead for SCOTUS
Cases on the U.S. Supreme Court's upcoming docket look to be as significant as those on last term's.