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Eyes in the Sky
In the next two decades, as many as 30,000 drones could be licensed to fly in the United States. Will these highly-maneuverable, video-equipped flying machines end privacy as we know it?

New Balance at the California Supreme Court
New trends and patterns are emerging among the justices of the California Supreme Court.

Controlling Royalties
A ruling out of Seattle may slow the flood of patent litigation.

Sending Money Now
California regulators struggle to keep pace with new money transfer companies.


Did You Know?

Reel Law

Raising the Bar
An accreditation dispute rages over stricter bar passage rates.

Show Time
The ins and outs of trial presentation software.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Editor's Note


Expert Advice: Judicial References
A judicial reference is a little-known procedure that offers the efficiency of arbitration, but with the full right to appeal.

MCLE: Liquidated Damages Clauses
Clauses mandating liquidated damages are useful, but special rules govern their validity.

MCLE: Workers Comp Subrogation
When a third party causes an injury to an employee covered by workers compensation, intricate subrogation issues complicate recovery.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: Fighting for My Son
A litigator decides that a lawsuit is not the best way to help his disabled son.

Books: The Baseball Trust
Lawyers and baseball fans will enjoy Stuart Banner’s history of baseball’s antitrust exemption.

Books: Proof of Guilt
Kathleen Cairns examines the death penalty through Barbara Graham, the third woman executed in California.

Books: The Great Dissent
Erwin Chemerinsky reviews The Great Dissent: How Oliver Wendell Holmes Changed His Mind - and Changed the History of Free Speech in America by Thomas Healy

Books: After the Grizzly
Peter Algona's book takes an in-depth look at California's endangered species policy, habitat, and history.

Legally Speaking: In Search of Islamic Justice
A conversation with human rights attorney Sadakat Kadri, who spent five months on the road to write a book about Shari'a law.

Social Media: Social Spoliation
In discovery, social media sites have the same status as more traditional electronic media.

In House: Remote Chance...
A California-based GC lauds the benefits of working remotely.

At Large: At the Movies
Sometimes watching a good flick is the best way to restore an attorney's perspective.