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Desperate Hours
Legal aid attorney Protima Pandey struggles to secure timely restraining orders for her clients at a domestic violence clinic.

Prison Realignment: Now What?
As a result of California's prison realignment, created by AB 109, the state's 58 counties are scrambling to either jail or rehabilitate nonviolent felons.

Dimitrios Biller: Inside Out
Former Toyota in-house counsel Dimitrios Biller alleges that the company withheld evidence in product liability cases. But he can’t prove it without revealing client confidences—and that has brought him to the brink of ruin.

Dismal Job Numbers for Law Grads
The ABA releases employment data for 2011 law school graduates—and it looks grim.

Federal Firsts
Obama's California Appointments

Superficial Change on the Federal Bench?
President Obama’s judicial appointments diversify the federal bench—at least superficially.

SCOTUS: The Heath Care Debate
Quotes from the U.S. Supreme Court opinions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act case.

Reel Law
Chicago (2002)

Partnering for Pro Bono
A training program helps law firms offer better pro bono services to a domestic violence organization.

Justice Goodwin H. Liu

Hot products: Technology that Can Make a Difference
An app, a gizmo, and a website to help you do your job.

White Collar Defense

Editor's Note

Expert Advice: ADR: Keep Them Talking
When mediation becomes difficult and the parties are deadlocked, maybe what they need to do is keep talking.

MCLE: Using Surveillance Material in Discovery
Defense counsel sometimes rely on surveillance videos to discredit a plaintiff’s injury claim. But is such evidence discoverable before trial?

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: Story Time
One lawyer's relationship with the truth evolves throughout his career.

Books: Anatomy of Injustice
A Murder Case Gone Wrong

Books: Justice Cascade
How Human Rights Prosecutions Are Changing World Politic

Books: Lawtalk
The Unknown Stories Behind Familiar Legal Expressions

Social Media: Legal Actions Against Online Criticism
Aside from protesting directly to the offending website, what options are available to the targets of negative online comments?