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The Future of Big Law
What will large firms have to do to survive and thrive in the years ahead?

Projecting Doubt
Attorney John Barnett faces what could be his biggest challenge at trial: defending a police officer charged with murder in the videotaped beating of a homeless man.

Protecting Kids Online
The federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act will soon expand its reach.

Ninth Circuit Court Judge Stephen Reinhardt on Superman and litigation

Lawyers Rock for Charity
Rockin' lawyers turn their musical talents into dollars for charity.

Reel Law
This month's legal moment at the movie house: The Reader

Law Schools Teach the Practice of Meditation
Meditation and mindfulness are taking hold at law schools around the country.

Courtly Manners
Lawyers: Are your emails rude?

Did You Know?
Court closures in California by the numbers

Band of Suits

Land Use

Editor's Note


Full Disclosure: A Tale of Two (Bankrupt) Cities
CalPERS and municipal bond insurers - the largest unsecured creditors in the bankruptcies of both Stockton and San Bernardino - circle each other in court

Expert Advice: Agreements for Living Together
Any couple contemplating living together should also consider creating a cohabitation agreement.

MCLE: The Dangerous Client
Lawyers who are concerned that a client may be dangerous face several ethical dilemmas about disclosing the threat.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: A Knock at the Door
A lawyer looks back at a day that forever changed her life.

Books: Kids, Cops, and Confessions: Inside the Interrogation Room
Law professor Barry Feld makes the case that youth who waived their rights were more likely to be convicted of a felony than those who invoked them.

Books: Drinking Water: A History
James Salzmanā€™s fascinating history of drinking water through the ages.

Legally Speaking: The Fight Over Guns
A conversation with UCLA law professor Adam Winkler on gun control legislation and the Second Amendment

Practical Tips: Networking Know-How
Here are some networking suggestions for building a successful legal practice.

Social Media: Personal Tech Pitfalls at Work
Employers must understand the risks posed by bring your own device (BYOD) policies.

In House: A General Counsel's Nightmare
For our GC columnist, getting a good night's sleep is easier said than done.