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Standing Up For Vets
For 30 years San Francisco lawyer Gordon Erspamer has been warring with the VA to get disability benefits for veterans. His dogged persistence has made him a renowned champion for veterans rights.

A Labor of Love
Within immigration law, a rarefied group of practitioners specializes in securing asylum for clients at risk because of their sexual orientation.

Collision Course
Central Valley farmers are using CEQA - the state's premiere environmental protection statute - to keep high-speed trains from being routed across their land.

Starting Small
Starting a small firm? Lawyers who've been there, done that, offer their advice.

Gearing Up for E-Discovery
Most lawyers are still reluctant to use predictive coding in electronic discovery.

Family-Run Firms

Getting Grads Started
Bridge to practice programs are springing up around the country.

There Ought to Be a Law
A contest encourages Californians to propose laws.

Reel Law


Working with E-Discovery Vendors
What are the best ways to deal with third-party providers?

White Collar Defense

Editor's Note


Full Disclosure: Safety in Numbers
Shareholders in derivative actions increasingly are targeting the auditors. But accountants have formidable defenses.

Expert Advice: Arbitration in the Handbook?
Many employee handbooks include arbitration provisions. But are they enforceable?

MCLE: Ready, Aim, Mediate
Tips on how to have a successful mediation.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: A View from the Inside
A famed trial lawyer reminisces on his time served in federal prison at Lompoc.

This Associate's Life: A Few Words Before Dessert
At a recent awards ceremony, an eight-year associate goes rogue.

Legally Speaking: The Trials and Triumphs of Conrad Black
A conversation with Conrad Black, the Canadian-born media mogul who emerged from an American federal prison last year declaring victory.

The Supremes: Will the U.S. Supreme Court be unanimous? Yep, but not on Prop. 8
Pepperdine law professor Douglas Kmiec on the Supreme Court and issue of standing.

The Supremes: The Day After the DOMA Argument at the Supreme Court
Pepperdine law professor Douglas Kmiec agrees DOMA is dead.

Bankruptcy Law: Chapter 9 for Municipalities
When a city files for Chapter 9 protection, all creditors, including municipal employees and retired workers, are in for a bumpy ride.