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Enforcement v. Law
Three Northern California sheriffs who oppose new gun and environmental controls are part of a national "Constitutional Sheriffs" movement against fully enforcing such laws.

It's Not Just About the Oysters
A Northern California shellfish grower's push to keep operating in "potential wilderness" is threatening the delicate balance between conservation and agriculture at Point Reyes. A win could reverberate nationwide.

California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year
We recognize 57 lawyers throughout the Golden State for 26 extraordinary achievements in 2013. Among the winners are prosecutors, appellate specialists, and attorneys from small and large firms.

Ensuring Child Protection Law Meets Promise
Pro bono work reshapes the disclosure rules about children's deaths.


Why Buy When You Can Rent?
Streamline your practice by using cloud software.

White Collar Defense

Editor's Note


Expert Advice: Negotiation in Mediation
An experienced mediator can help warring parties formulate demands and respond to settlement proposals.

MCLE: Non-Compete Clauses after Edwards
California employers generally cannot stop competition from ex-employees, but they can still protect their trade secrets and prohibit raids on their staff.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: Starting Over
A young woman's experience with Behavioral Health Court changes her life.

Legal Ease: Build Arguments with Care
Lawyers should be careful to avoid inconsistencies in their alternative pleadings.

Practical Tips: Images: Get the Original
When it comes to digital photos, the best practice is to obtain the original image.