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2013 California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year
We recognize 60 lawyers throughout the Golden State for their contributions to 27 extraordinary achievements in 2012. Among the winners are prosecutors, public-interest lawyers, and attorneys from large international firms.

Money Madness
To maintain their eligibility as amateurs, student-athletes at NCAA schools must sign releases for the use of their names and likenesses. Some of these players call that system unfair -- and their plaintiffs class could be huge.

Time Trials
Aspiring law students with disabilities fight for extra time to take the LSAT.

Reel Law


Mock Trials in High School
California's mock trial program for high schools is changing lives.

Obama's Judicial Vacancies
Puzzling over President Obama's first-term judicial vacancies.

Revenge of the Androids
New Droid devices are giving Apple a run for its money.


Editor's Note


Full Disclosure: In MERS We Trust
Counties in many states have sued the MERS registry for dodging recorders' fees. But not in California.

Expert Advice: Forensic Accounting
Cross examination is the most dramatic part of a case, and never more so than when the witness is a forensic accountant talking about money.

MCLE: Attorneys as Witnesses
Lawyers are advocates and counselors, but on occasion they may be called upon to testify for a client. When that happens, ethical issues cloud the picture.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: A View from the Jury
A judge who had always wanted to be on a jury finally gets to serve.

Social Media: Reputational Hazards
Are websites that host defamatory content legally liable for images and information posted by their users?

At Large: A Lost Generation
For thousands of newly minted lawyers in California, a well-trodden career path is no longer paying off.