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Reining in the NSA
San Francisco's Electronic Frontier Foundation first sued the NSA in 2006, alleging that government surveillance violates constitutional rights. Then Edward Snowden started a national discussion that quickened the pace of litigation.

Giving Google a Piece of Your Mind
A class action in San Jose challenges Google's scanning of email content to gather personally identifiable information. Google says its policies are clear, and users should just get over it.

2014 Professional Liability Insurance Report
As the economy stabilizes, filing of professional liability insurance claims finally slows.

Word-of-Mouth Key In Setting Rates
Digital resources abound, but lawyers still rely heavily on word of mouth in setting their fees.


Newest Tools Give Back Time
The latest practice management software helps lawyers cut down the busywork of managing email and timesheets.

Intellectual Property

Editor's Note


Expert Advice: Planning for a Disaster
Every law firm should have a disaster recovery plan in place.

MCLE: Privileged Witness Statements
A recent California Supreme Court decision clarifies what kind of witness statements merit work product privilege.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: Out to Africa
A law school grad tells how she earned her JD and LLM degrees in just three years.

Legally Speaking: The Politics of Global Justice
A conversation with Richard Goldstone, the South African judge who played a key role in ending apartheid and served as chief prosecutor for two international war crimes tribunals.