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Other Fields Offer Viable Careers
A rising number of law school grads are landing nonlegal positions.

Strategies for Lower Payments
The federal government now offers borrowers several ways to cope with repayment

The Secret Life of Corporate Monitors
Paid by the target company and answerable to no court, corporate monitors clean up after deferred prosecution. One monitor recounts what it's like.

A Mortgaged Career
Typical California law graduates' debt has jumped 35 percent since 2008. For some, a public-service repayment plan offers hope.

Speaking Out for Speech
Fifty years after the Free Speech Movement began in Berkeley, constraints on students' political activity remain

Holiday Gifts - Books for Lawyers

Courtly Manners
To stay off everyone's naughty list this season, take this true/false etiquette quiz

Good Works: Little Claims, Big Differences
Legal nonprofit Bet Tzedek enlists volunteer lawyers to help workers file employment claims


The Legislature
The share of attorneys elected in California has dropped dramatically

Tune Up Your Web Presence
What to consider, whether you want your site to have better SEO or look more current.

Employment Law

CLE & Office

Editor's Note


Expert Advice: Publicity Rights Come of Age
In California, the right of publicity is now considered property that can be freely transferred to the next generation

MCLE: Eminent Domain Under Review
A pending California Supreme Court case calls into question a key portion of the state's eminent domain procedure

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: Bottoming Out at the Top
One law firm partner's road to sobriety, with help along the way

Books: Uncertain Justice
Authors Laurence Tribe and Joshua Matz delve into the U.S. Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts

Books: Fair Deal for All Clients
Lawyer Gerald F. Phillips takes on attorney billing

Books: To Establish Justice for All
Author Earl Johnson Jr. details the history of federal legal services

Practical Tips: New Urgency over Abductions
A SCOTUS decision warns family law practitioners to act swiftly in international child abduction cases

Social Media: When Cops Post
What happens when law officers get into scrapes with social media