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Whose Groundwater Is It?
Amid a record drought, a court decision on the public trust doctrine could have a far-reaching impact on farming, fishing, and Indian tribes.

Barely Wet - But Managed
The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act charts a new legal frontier.

To BnB - or Not?
As San Francisco's Airbnb shakes up urban housing markets, cities move toward regulating short-term rentals.

Clinics Ease Bottlenecks
One-day divorce pilot programs in four counties target case backlog by helping couples without lawyers get through court faster.

Ballot Propositions: Election Activists Persist
Prop. 49 was pulled from this month's ballot, but proponents still hope for a statewide vote on the measure.

Good Works: Pro Bono for Veterans
The Veterans Legal Institute offers Southern California lawyers free training on veterans' legal issues.

Partnerships: Firm Leaders Sound Off on Nonequity Spots ...


E-Discovery Tools within Reach
Litigators on a tight budget can now access electronic discovery tools for such tasks as filtering documents and culling duplicates.

E-Discovery Software


Editor's Note

Expert Advice: Workplace Investigations
When an employee claims unfair treatment, it's best to investigate the claim.

MCLE: Cell Phones and Public Records
Is a public employee's cell phone subject to the California Public Records Act? The state Supreme Court takes up the question.

MCLE: The Fed/State Difference
A helpful comparison of appellate procedures in state and federal courts.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: Fashioning a Law Practice
An attorney blends her love of fashion with her love of advocacy.

Books: Redemption Songs: Suing for Freedom before Dred Scott
Legal historian Lea VanderVelde's groundbreaking book reveals the untold stories behind "freedom suits."

Legal Ease: Avoid Email Memo Pitfalls
How to find the right style, substance, and structure in email memos.

Legally Speaking: Dancing with the Spies
A conversation with with John Rizzo, longtime staff attorney retired from the Central Intelligence Agency.