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Win the War for Diverse Talent from the Top Down and the Bottom Up

What to expect from the keynote address by Mallun Yen at the Corporate Governance Forum in San Francisco on November 15.

By California Lawyer  |  November 7, 2017

The war for talent is more intense than ever, and studies show that diverse teams are critical for company success and ongoing innovation. The issue raises many questions:

  • How do you recruit and hire high performing employees even when you’re not a sexy company in a hot space?
  • How do you do so in a way that is both diverse and inclusive when even the big stars are struggling despite hundreds of millions spent on diversity efforts? – How do you change a culture that has a natural tendency toward perpetuating sameness?
  • How do you get people to open their minds to hiring differently?
  • How do you do so when you are in the minority?

In her keynote, Ms. Yen will share her insights into these issue, drawing from her experience in both the startup and Fortune 100 corporate worlds, including organizations she built from the ground-up and those where she stepped into homogeneous teams. Ms. Yen will discuss how groups easily fall prey to what she calls the “buddy syndrome;” why our natural instincts are to blame for a lack of diversity; and why changing hiring patterns is so challenging. While there isn’t one magic formula, she will share a number of steps anyone can implement to change their hiring practices in a way that brings diversity and inclusion into an organization.

Ms. Yen will explore the basis for and interactions among these ideas in her keynote address at the Corporate Governance Forum in San Francisco.

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