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Competitive Advantage: Maximize Case Management with Leading Edge Technology

By Needles Case Management Software  |  April 6, 2017

Today’s law firms can benefit from advanced technology to turn the complexity of case management into an opportunity for significant financial growth. This maxim applies to law firms of all sizes—from solo practitioners to larger firms that employ hundreds of attorneys. Although you’ll find many case management applications, selecting the best software suite to fit your firm’s specific needs can be a challenge.

Finding the Ideal Case Management Company

Following are key features an agile, all-encompassing case management software suite should have. If you settle for less, you’ll lose a golden opportunity to grow your practice:

  • Streamlined client lead and intake system. The ideal system allows you to follow your own firm protocols in dealing with client intake. It should be customizable.  It should also enable you to review the file, track referrals, open a new case, and report on all that information. The software must also provide permanent storage of this data.
  • Perfectly organizes contacts. A successful practice management program must combine sophisticated organizing tools with powerful search engine capabilities. This brings key client data to your fingertips and allows for seamless conflict checking. It should also be nimble enough to integrate with an email system so you can post emails and attachments directly to client files.
  • Efficiently manages work flow. The case management system should provide unique task lists and the ability to effortlessly categorize.  It should mirror the work flow of your firm. Ideally, you should have a calendar feature that can sync with Microsoft Outlook, giving you capabilities to schedule meetings and create work groups.
  • Customization. Every law firm has a unique workflow, proprietary policies and procedures, and individual needs that may not be met with an off the shelf product.  The ability to customize fields, reports, workflow, and cases is crucial for ensuring the software works FOR you.
  • Seamless document/file management. An effective case management system allows you to easily create document templates, giving you the capability to merge information from the program using a variety of word processing and PDF creation platforms.
  • Effortlessly Track Time and Costs. The software suite should track each case, indicate to whom it is assigned, and integrate time entry data with programs such as QuickBooks and TimeSlips.
  • Sophisticated Report Generation. Your ideal practice management software should have the capability to generate reports that track your firm’s vital statistics. It should create universal reports that will help you analyze the fiscal vitality of your firm.

The Needles Advantage

Here at Needles Case Management Software, client support is our top priority.  Unlike other software packages, our support team is local and knowledgeable.  They do not work from scripts or use an escalating ticket system.  Each call is unique and handled from start to finish by a team member who cares to resolve your question no matter how long it takes.  Our clients have access to a “Clients Only” website, an invaluable online resource that includes a myriad of instructions, tutorials, and answers to common questions about Needles.  Needles clients become a part of a community of users.

With over 30 years in the industry, Needles is the leading case management resource for law firms of all sizes. Originally developed to deliver services unique to personal injury attorneys, Needles has refined its software to offer the most comprehensive and easy-to-use case management solutions for law firms in any practice area. We provide legendary customer care along with a steadfast commitment to make your firm more productive and profitable. Take a tour of our features or get a demo of our software today. Contact us with your questions at (410) 363-1976.

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