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Does Your Law Firm Have a Social Media Engagement Strategy?

Audiences are most engaged on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn when posts are short and sweet, but consistent.

By Aditi Mukherji  |  August 7, 2015
Blog: Social Media Marketing


Once attorneys understand the marketing power of social media and have a basic “handle” on the most popular platforms, the next step is to craft an engagement strategy. The key to strengthening follower relationships is to spend your time and resources wisely: Ramp up posts where they will reach your audience and dial back where they failed to resonate.

Here are a few suggestions on how to grab your audience’s attention and break the digital ice.


Facebook remains by far the most popular social media site, according to a survey conducted last year by the Pew Research Center. More importantly, the level of engagement on Facebook is staggering: 70% of users engage with the site daily and 45% do so several times a day. To capitalize on the wealth of engagement opportunities Facebook provides, embrace brevity and post regularly.

Although Facebook gives you more text space than other platforms, social media maven Jeff Bullas discovered that posts with 40 characters receive 86% more engagement than posts with a higher character count. Of course, succinct posts need not scrimp on style. Supplement punchy posts with eye-catching images, infographics, and videos. And don’t forget to post consistently. Aim for two updates per day—once in the morning and once in the afternoon—seven days a week.


To boost engagement on Twitter, adopt the company’s 80/20 principle. 80% of your tweets should focus on interaction, such as retweets, replies, and favorites. Once you’ve developed a rapport with your followers, you can mix in direct offers or promotions that get followers to take actions, such as clicking on a link.

The sweet spot for length on Twitter is 71 to 100 characters. Tweets shorter than 100 characters deliver on average a 17% higher engagement rate, according to social media marketing firm Buddy Media. On the issue of frequency, aim for three to five tweets per day, then increase or decrease posting depending on how your audience reacts.


On LinkedIn, the early bird gets the worm. In its company pages guide, LinkedIn reveals that updates posted in the morning tend to earn the highest engagement. So if you don’t have the manpower to pepper posts throughout the day, focus on posting a daily update in the AM—clocking in at 25 words or less.

There’s no single best way to tackle social media engagement, but these basic guidelines can serve as a jumping-off point for your own strategy to attract loyal and engaged followers.

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Aditi Mukherji is a contributing editor at California Lawyer.

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